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Importance of Mobile Friendly Website

A mobile friendly website is the one that can adjust its layout and has smooth performance in all the mobile devices with different screen sizes. Before, when mobile friendly websites were not introduced, the use of websites were limited to desktops and laptops only. Whenever people needed to search something online they checked them out from computers, which made them quite difficult to use outside their home or office. The difference in shape and size of the screens of desktops and mobiles caused great difficulty in use of mobile devices for website browsing, like: absurd size of text and graphics, different links and buttons were difficult to tap/click, tedious scrolling etc.

But as soon as the use of smartphones and tablets with touch screens increased rapidly, it became clear that all the regular websites are non-adjustable and non-compatible with the screen sizes of those smartphones. Considering these factors mobile friendly websites were introduced worldwide. With this feature now we are able to browse different websites from our own phones from wherever we are and whenever we need.

Let’s check out why mobile friendly websites are important in the present and how it has improved customer experience in comparison to those in previous times.

  • Most of the web users browse on mobile devices

According to the data provided by statista, around 3.8 billion people in the world use smartphones as of June 2021, however this number keeps on increasing every other day. As smartphones are easy to use and carry, most people browse different websites from mobile devices. That’s why most of the web traffic comes from mobile devices. So, to take a stand in this competitive market at present, the website should be mobile friendly.

  • Readable fonts with proper layout

The layout of the website, which is not actually mobile friendly, does not fit on the screen size of mobiles and tablets. The webpage seems to be somehow uncomfortable on those screens. However, in comparison to these websites, the mobile friendly websites get adjusted to any screen size. Along with that, the fonts of mobile friendly websites will also adjust their size according to its layout on smartphones or tablets. Due to which it becomes easy to scroll and click on different links and buttons available on the webpage.

  • Uplifts Google ranking

Considering the maximum number of traffic brought to different websites from mobile devices, in the year 2015, Google announced that it would be giving more preference to website’s mobile friendliness and would be evaluating the websites according to their performance on mobile devices as well. Google ranking of a website largely depends upon how compatible the website is in mobile devices. Mobile friendliness improves the search visibility of your website and its ranking.

  • Loads faster

One of the most interesting facts about mobile friendly websites is that it has a higher loading speed than other types of websites.

In this digital age, where people are busy in their own lives, they do not like to get stuck on anything at all. They want everything to be as quick as possible. Considering the importance of time and to fulfil the need of current time, mobile friendly websites are designed to load quickly.

  • Decreases traffic bounce rate

With the better look and performance, the mobile friendly websites provide a better customer experience. The website visitors find the site to be more enjoyable and appealing due to which they do not leave the website too soon, instead, they check out more pages to find out something interesting and amazing which eventually increases the traffic.