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Mobile Application Development

More than 70 % of Smartphone owners prefer using phones for using internet than desktop systems

Digital agencies throughout the globe have touched and exploited every nook of the virtual modes of communication. While most of them are still busy creating and uploading splurging websites over the web, we at S&S Tech have taken a giant leap with developing striking app interfaces for the handheld gadgets. Mobile technology has a lot left to improvise and grow on. And yes, users have already begun dumping their desktop systems.

Yes I should get a mobile presence but how and what?

The scope of mobile application development is as diverse as website development. Different platforms may benefit you in variant ways and you need just one of them to fit into your business needs. S&S Tech Services provides effective assistance on what platform to stamp on. Largely depending upon your budget, value return expectation and the target geographic location, a robust application can be developed that would carry the essence of your brand and services.

What difference does S&S Tech Services bring?

It took us a valuable investment of time and money in forming dedicated teams of mobile application developers. Besides showing you the stunning portfolio of our work and technical expertise we own, we will help you understand and decide upon some queries of prime importance. Our past clients have acquired assistance on the following:

  • Native apps that run on a specific mobile OS, cross platform apps or no apps? Believe us, this debate can go on forever.
  • We haven’t forgotten HTML 5. A frontrunner to develop responsive mobile websites and your answer to ‘no apps’
  • Heard of the user data storage at the cloud? All don’t require it, do you?
  • How to sync your new enterprise app with the existing assets such as networks and databases.

We would like to share some insights on the leading mobile platforms for app development we cover. You must have heard of Android and iOS, wait! There are more.

Android: All set to emerge as the most extensively used smartphone mobile OS. It has registered billions of downloads for about 675000 apps. The Asian market loves it!

iOS: This is probably the biggest invention Apple has bestowed upon the world. Billions of downloads for 6, 50,000 apps! However the hardware integration is something to die out for.

BlackBerry: The corporate world worships it. The inception of new range of Blackberry smartphones has a competitive player in the market.

Windows: The name says it all. Microsoft likes to push it hard to whatever they participate in. Windows run all leading apps.

Know our team

S&S Tech has been hosting some in house seminars to promote better ideas on development of mobile applications. Inviting tech savvy enthusiasts from all teams, we have adapted a richer perception of how a particular code would behave in different scenarios. You can either hire a mobile app developer from our team or Our services for mobile application development

  • Android app development and testing
  • iOS app development and testing
  • Windows app development and testing
  • Blackberry apps development and testing
  • HTML5 applications and websites development
  • Mobile app designing
  • Mobile website designing

Once the application goes live, we will help you spread a word of it over the internet in a smart and systematic way. Our specialized marketing teams will take over the job from the coders.

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