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6 Features Your Website Must Have

With the change in time, there is a vast change in technology and its demand. If you are thinking of building a website for your business or you already have a website, you should be updated with the current need for technology. You must know what features your website needs and how they work. In this article, we will discuss 6 must-have features that make your website look more attractive, functional, and provide a great customer experience.

1.     About us

This section features the introduction and story of your brand or business. When customers check out for a reliable organization for any purchase or information, they mostly seek the details about the company as well. It makes them able to distinguish the best company for them as ‘about us’ includes how the company started its journey, the type of products and service it has been providing since its establishment, where it is, its mission and vision, and many more.

All these details make it easy for the customers to make purchase decisions. Moreover, the names and other details of the founders, board of directors, and your work team are also included in this section.

2.     Support

The information provided on your site may not always be enough for every visitor. Every person has a different perception, everyone thinks differently.

Some curious visitors may have several questions that s/he would like to ask you after s/he visits your website. So what’s the option? How would they reach out to you to explain their questions and how would you answer them? It is the support option. You may add different options like FAQs with answers, live chat, email address, contact number, etc. to provide support to the visitors.

FAQs are highly convenient to provide support for frequently recurring issues, whereas live chat allows the visitors to ask their questions through your website and you can reply to them easily and quickly. In case of availability of email address, the visitors can mail you their queries on the given mailing address, and the same way you can respond to their queries through the mail. Similarly, verbal communication through a phone call is the other great option for support.

3.     Blogs

Blogs are short discussions or descriptions on different topics. It functions as a marketing tool to websites and has become one of the most important features to attract more customers and generate more visitors’ interaction on websites.

Blogs develop two-way communication between your business and your customers, improves the SEO of your website, and strengthens the relationship between your business and customer. So having a blog section on your site would be very beneficial to you in the current time.

4.     Feedbacks and reviews

With the rise in the number of people using technology in daily life, the number of scammers has also increased. Due to this, there exist trust issues these days. People do not believe any person or any business at once.

Moreover, they seek testimonials, feedback, and reviews from the previous customers of the company. They check out what others are saying about the company and its services. Only after confirming the positive feedback from the previous customers of the company, will the visitors trust you. That’s the reason why you should have this feature on your website.

5.     FAQs

As mentioned above FAQs can be taken as a support option on a website. FAQs stand for frequently asked questions. Your visitors and customers always have different questions about your business, brand, product, and service. Even the same question can be asked by multiple customers in different periods. Responding to the same query of all the customers individually would take a long time and even would be a difficult and boring job for you.

To make it easier for you and your customers you can add the FAQs section on your website. There you can enlist the most frequently asked questions by your customer along with the appropriate answers. The FAQ section makes it easy for your customers to find the answer to their queries instantly and saves your time and theirs as well.

6.     Search function

The search function is directly connected with customer experience. For example, you are an online book distributor and have enlisted thousands of book names on your website and a customer comes across your website in search of ‘War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy’. How do you think he can find the book quickly if there is no availability of a search button on your website?

 It would take hours to find the book he wants. It means your website provides a poor customer experience. But, if your website has a search button, the customer can find the book in less than a minute and purchase the book as soon as he finds it. That’s why a website that generally deals in sales of multiple products or services must have this feature.